MR Dictionary

As the MR Dictionary grows, we realise that it is difficult (nigh impossible!) to ensure that the MR Dictionary includes every term that all individuals interested in MR might wish to be included. We are also aware that new and relevant methods are certain to emerge with time. We have tried hard to minimise any errors, but it is also likely that some readers may feel some entries need corrections. To manage these issues and ensure the MR Dictionary is sustainable and up-to-date, we will:

  • Undertake an annual update of the MR Dictionary to include any main developments in the field.
  • Maintain the MR Dictionary as an open, collaborative, and interactive online platform that will support continuous edits, updates, and comments. If you would like to contribute to the MR Dictionary (i.e., if you think key terms are missing or you notice errors/inconsistencies in what we have written), please contact us or, to submit a term/definition, please download, complete and return this Word template (31K). We can include relevant suggestions in the next version with an appropriate acknowledgement.
  • Request that those making substantial comments and contributions indicate whether they would like to join the MR Dictionary team. Those who request this will be expected to make an appropriate contribution to the next (and subsequent) annual update of the MR Dictionary.